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Bree Ali enjoys bringing both scripted and improvised characters to life on-camera and on stage.

An alum of The Second City Conservatory Program, she co-wrote and co-starred in an original Mainstage sketch comedy graduation show at The Second City Toronto.




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The Second City‘s Improv Program was never a decided-upon set path, but taken on as a supplementary technique for acting.

Within a year, Bree fell in love with Toronto’s improv community and upon completion, immediately auditioned for and was accepted into its esteemed Conservatory.

She has trained across the city with extraordinarily-skilled improvisers on the Toronto scene, including Cameron AlgieAshley BottingDarryl DinnAlastair ForbesJess GrantKerry Griffin, Ken HallShari HollettDevon HylandKevin Matviw, Leanne Miller, Rob NormanKaren ParkerEd Sahely, Martha StortzSean TabaresCary WestKevin Whalen and Kevin Williams.






Bree has trained on-camera with Lewis Baumander and Steven Yaffee at LB Acting Studio, and Robert KennedyAndrea Runge and Shaun Benson at Armstrong Acting Studios.

The Second City Training Centre is where Bree got her start; first through sketch comedy writing with Jennifer Goodhue, stand-up with Ted Bisaillion and Joel Buxton, then stagecraft and on-camera acting with Ed Sahely and Karen Ivany.







A proud Canadian and happily settled in the most multicultural city in the world, Bree grew up around the globe. Born and raised in Ahmadi, Kuwait until the first Gulf War, she’s since lived in Dhaka, Bangladesh; Yishun, Singapore; Los Angeles, USAMississauga, Canada; and Toronto, Canada.

Her travels have included extended stays in Moscow, Russia; Sydney, Australia; and Doha, Qatar; and cross-country road trips and visits to eight Canadian provinces and one territory.

If her first and second hometowns are tied at Toronto and Dhaka, then third is Bangkok, Thailand, where her dear sweet overly-emotional mother (where does she think her daughter gets it?) spent her childhood and family still frequents.

Bree is fluent in both English and Bengali.




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What / Why / When / How

Five Truths & No Lie: Escaping the first Gulf War, house-shattering earthquakes along the San Andreas fault line, a drive-by shooting, an apartment building fire, and a car-totalling accident are just a few life events that have contributed to Bree’s ever-present sense of humour (and some pretty dark dreams of being chased in war zones…).

Also that guy who rejected her the very first time she asked someone to dance at her very first school dance, and didn’t she just recently get stood up on a date?

Oh, one could go on—point is, Bree’s been taking it in stride and leaning into it.







Bree’s favourite people in the world are her two nieces because the transformation from fetus to best friend is total and permanent.

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